Clearing Your Real Estate Kaka

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About this course

I've been in the personal growth and development world for over a decade.  I've had teachers, gurus and mentors galore.  Through my learning and energetic mastery I've found many ways to clear energy...This by far is the easiest and most efficient way I've found. Here is Dr Dain Heer, explaining one of Access Consciousness's greatest tools, the clearing statement.   

Here is an audio recording of the most common Kaka I come across with my real estate agents.  I've put the clearings together for you in an audio format and looped it around so that the recording will repeat for you.   Simply download it or access this page when you are on the go and listen to it when you are doing or not doing other things.  Its really that simple.  

After you've watched the 3 training videos: 

  • 1 Listen to the clearing loop
  • 2 Complete the worksheet
  • 3 Go through each square in the worksheet.  Destroy and uncreate using the clearing statement.
  • 4 Some energies may take many repeats of the clearing statement and/or loop.Notice where you picked up the energies.

You are in charge of the energy of your business.  Notice the magic that shows up after you’ve cleared the kaka. 

Suggestion:   Listen to the 3 rd video the day after the first time.  You will hear it differently and new revelations will show up.  Add insights to your worksheet and clear what you find.  

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Clearing the Kaka

This course will show you how to clear your real estate kaka so you can work less, play more and make WAY MORE MONEY!