Attention: real estate agents, realtors, and brokers!

3 Real Estate Mindset Myths:

How to set yourself up for
Higher-end Deals

Attention: real estate agents, realtors, and brokers!

3 Real estate MINDSET MYTHS

How to set yourself up for Higher-end Deals

​Life isn't JUST about ​WORK

Don't you want to live a little more?  

If you were working less and making more money, what would you be doing?  

Who would you be spending that time with?  

What would you be choosing that you aren't choosing right now? 

​Traveling and Freedom

Haven't had the time to put more stamps in your passport? How would you like to FINALLY visit all those places you've always talked about going to, but have yet to go?

​Relationship and Family

Working too hard to focus on what REALLY matters? Whether it's starting a new family or reconnecting with the one you have, what would it be like to have the time to put your family first? 

​Money and Luxury

Tired of wondering where your next deal will come from? Wouldn't it be amazing to experience ALL the luxuries and upgrades this life has to offer you? 

​Pampering and Self Care

Can you imagine being able to pamper and tend to your needs whenever you chose? Massages, spa days, fantastic meals; all the things you might deny yourself.

Hi, MY NAME ISTamara Ross

And I believe there is more to life then JUST work.  I mean, you didn't become a real estate agent so that you could work 80 hours a week, meeting with prospects that never close and missing out on all this life has to offer.  I also know that working LESS and making more MONEY is completely within your reach.  And it's actually easier than you think.  So, if you're tired of everyone else's systems NOT working for you then join me in MASTERING THE ENERGETICS OF REAL ESTATE, so that you can FINALLY create your own system to meet and exceed your current real estate goals.

​It's time for you to experience living in LUXURY like the other top agents in your industry!”

Mastering the Energetics of Real Estate

​When you're ​FINALLY ready to work less, play more and close WAY MORE DEALS! 

What ​People are Saying:


"Within the first month of Tamara's program I increased my business by 33%."

Gayle Goldman

​San Diego, CA


"I went from having NO closings for 5 months to closing two deals in 1 day."

Laura Gilsdorf

Denver, CO


"After ​being in Tamara's program for ​1 month, I brought in 4 times the number of clients (more than all last year) without DOING any MORE WORK."

​Theresia Radtke

​Ann Arbor​, MI

Mastering the Energetics of Real Estate
I'm ready to WORK LESS, PLAY MORE and make WAY MORE MONEY!